Meatopia as told by Instagram

by Ryan Morgan on September 10, 2012

Meat, drink, fire, music—and ice cream.  (via bayoujock)

Our menu—including a Meatopia exclusive Rainbow Yogurt.  We killed it. (via Jeni’s)

The heavens shining down.  (via Jeni)

Bones.  (via benbowersgp)

Brains. (via chefsawyer)

Kansas City style BBQ’d whole hog from April Bloomfield.  (via madeleinerowan)

Fire.  (via eatdirt)

See the sky getting dark?  (via bayoujock)

It got darker.  (via mikefisk)

People stuck it out.  (via Jeni)

Night fell.  (via antimoshel)

The beautiful aftermath.  (via Jeni’s via Will Mederski)

The NYC Street Treats tour begins today.  Get the full details here.

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